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Italo Dance Logic Pro Projects is out! (Music Stems included)
YES! Italo Dance Logic Pro Projects is out! And it has the Music Stems included for those who don't have Logic Pro and want to get the audios.Do you want to have access to a quality project and learn some secrets of Italo Dance production?With t...
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Free Downloads and Italo Dance Essentials Volume 2.
Stay tuned! We will have lots of content for free download and on July 4th, the release of Italo Dance Essentials Volume 2.Free Downloads?
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Italo Dance Essentials Volume 1 is out!
This is the first sample pack dedicated exclusively to Italo dance producers with plenty of production ready sounds and kits. A rare collection created over 20 years with classic CD samples from the 90s and 2000s.Drum kits and drum loops ready to ins...
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