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Italo Dance Essentials 1

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Over the past 20 years I've been collecting and creating sounds to make this sample pack.

Drum kits and drum loops ready to inspire you in your new music, creative percussion loops, fills, effects and perfect one shots. Your music with the same samples used by Gigi D'agostino, Prezioso, Floorfilla, DJ Ross, Gabry Ponte, Mario Pi├╣ and other fantastic artists.


  • 12 Drum Kits (126 Audio Files)
  • 177 Drum Loops (Clap, Hat, Hihat, Kick, Ride, Rolling Snares, Snare and Top Loops)
  • 57 Fills (Breakbeat Classic Fills and Fill Loops)
  • 125 FX (Alarm, Hit, Impact, Live, Misc, Police, Sweep and Transition)
  • 437 One Shots (Clap, Crash, Crash Reverse, Hat, Hihat, Kick, Percussion, Ride and Snare)
  • 65 Percussion Loops

All sounds are formatted at 44.100 Hz; 24 Bit; WAV as standard.


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Giovani M.

8 months ago


Pacote fantástico para os amantes do estilo super recomendado!!!!

Dj JPedroza , IDB (Italo Dance B.

8 months ago


I want to congratulate Felipe for providing us with this pack... very good.. and I recomend it....

Michael, IDP - Italo Dance P.

8 months ago


This is the perfect kit to master the golden age of italo dance! and the fact that it's made with experience by one of the popular artists at that time, Felipe Abel (Philtronic), makes it even more unique.
It will without a doubt help the producers of today to get the right touch and feel of the "good old italo dance" sound.
It has a ton of samples and all in great quality! Looking forward to the next one! :D

Joseph Giuseppe B.

8 months ago


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